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The broadest selection of MPX products in Maryland can now be found at Health For Life dispensaries, with Exclusive Low Pricing! Read below to learn how our sister company MPX continues to provide the highest quality concentrates in the state. We have the ABSOLUTE Best MPX prices in Maryland.

MPX only uses the highest quality raw materials, sourced from local Maryland cannabis growers. Our proprietary BHO process removes the trichomes from the rest of the plant, preserving the flavors, scents, and active properties of that strain. Each processing station is meticulously cleaned between every batch, maintaining the purity of the raw product.

Our leading edge technology and processes ensure the cleanest, highest potency products. The MPX Extraction Team combines art, science and passion to retain the original terpene content and deliver extraordinary aroma and taste.

Our finished goods undergo rigorous testing by third party providers. This testing process maintains the integrity of the product and ensures that no contaminants are present. MPX continually has higher standards than is required from the state of Maryland, proving that we have the cleanest products in the market. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is available for any product, just ask your dispensary agent.

The MPX custom made packaging eliminates contaminants by using a PTFE lined lid, the safest and cleanest material for cannabis storage. All products are carefully measured by our experienced packaging team, ensuring accurate weight and labeling for our patients.

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