A panel on the present and future of cannabis in Illinois

Dave Hoekstra presides over a panel that looks at a whole slate of topics involving the future of medicinal and (possibly) legalized recreational marijuana in the state of Illinois.

We start with John Sullivan, SVP of Chicago-based Cresco Labs, industry leaders in the production of medical and adult-use marijuana product and RN Brooke Schwartz, who will host a lecture on the benefits of Hemp Oil on 1/16 at the Riverside Library.

They discuss the prospect if legalized recreational use of marijuana in Illinois and what it would mean for the state economy, the current slate of medical dispensaries in the state and what the application process is like for patients and just how much the stigma of pot use is going away as more safe and responsibly-sourced become available.  We also hear first-hand from a medicinal user who shares her  experience and the different resources available for patients of all kinds; we get the national and legislative perspective from Morgan Fox of the National Cannabis Industry Association in Washington DC and Illinois lobbyist Mark Peysakhovich, and more.

Original Article by WGN Radio

Victor MadrilComment