Health For Life Partners Up with the Arizona Disabled Veterans

Health For Life x Arizona Disabled Veterans

Helping Raise Awareness of Suicide Prevention among Veterans

Teaming Up, For Veterans Day, Nov. 11th & 12th

Health For Life Dispensaries and The  Arizona Disabled Veterans have partnered up to register all three Health For Life Locations on their site, offering a daily 5% discount in addition to hosting a vendor day on November 11th, offering 20% off to Veterans and information how to also get involved and help raise awareness of suicide prevention among Veterans.


We’ve also included CBD For Life, a company that specializes in industrial hemp based topicals and tinctures to offer a 15% online discount with coupon code “forthevets” at

Who are the Arizona Disabled Veterans?

The Arizona Disabled Veterans is the Arizona Chapter of the Disabled Veterans of America, and they have one main goal, to help our Veterans. Every day there are 22 American veterans who die from suicide. Many veterans suffer from PTSD and are unable to get the medical help they need. Some have turned to prescription medication, others have tried counseling and cannabis.

Can Cannabis Help our Veterans?

More information is coming out today, a recently published article in Psychology Today, revealed a study that used cannabis to alleviate “haunting nightmares” for Veterans suffering from PTSD. Cannabis has also been shown to help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. We hope to encourage our veterans to try cannabis and transition from opioids and other prescription medication that have shown only harmful results.

For more information

Please visit and Health For Life Events Page for details.

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