How you store your medicine matters

melting point extracts ptfe lined lid and glass jar container

As the cannabis industry continues to innovate with new products, services, and discoveries, one area that is often overlooked is packaging. What your medicine is stored in is a big deal. For most retail industries, the packaging of a product is a way to entice customers to purchase. For the cannabis industry, the packaging must meet the eye, but it also carries a great responsibility to the patient. Not only is it important in maintaining quality and freshness, but also in preventing contamination.

Most packaging options that are used in the industry today consist of silicone in various grades. Terpenes are considered a natural solvent, they are reactive compounds which can adversely interact with silicone and other materials. Higher concentrations and purities of terpenes can dissolve even the highest grades of silicone. As our experience in processing cannabis oils progressed, we quickly realized that there was very limited options for safe packaging materials. This forced us to create our own.

Our custom glass containers have a metal cap that is specially lined with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). PTFE is used in countless industries and applications where chemical compatibility is of paramount importance - from space exploration, to medical instruments. This unique design was intended to create a safe and 100% compatible environment with the contents that it is meant to hold. 

Our cured and live resin products are derived from the highest quality cannabis material which result in a terpene and cannabinoid rich extract that is unrivaled in taste, potency, and effect. We believe strongly in the products that we produce and our goal is to provide an experience that is never compromised. We hope that our packaging sets the course for your next experience, and always remember to "Save the Terps!"

Blueberry Muffin by Melting Point Extracts 

Blueberry Muffin by Melting Point Extracts