Cannabis and Yoga - A match made in the Valley of the Sun

Medicated Mavens Erika Kelly and Sarina Gomez

Medicated Mavens Erika Kelly and Sarina Gomez

If you're a passionate cannabis enthusiast, you've already noticed the many benefits of consuming cannabis - maybe you're sleeping better or finding pain relief, or just feeling more relaxed and at ease. Whatever comfort you may find from this plant, we can all agree on one thing, it truly encourages a healthy lifestyle. 

As it happens, the Western world is starting to experience a shift in consciousness. This transition is directly affecting the way we look at healthcare, the cannabis community, and our overall daily health. One practice that is gaining traction and popularity within this shift comes to us from the East, and that practice is yoga. 

In yoga, it is said that the breath is the link between mind and body and we would suggest that the same holds true for consuming cannabis. With that in mind, wouldn't it make sense that combining the two would create a synergistic relationship? Enter the Medicated Mavens. 

Erika Kelly and Sarina Gomez offer a place to meditate, educate, and medicate. This is the definition that reads on the bio of their Instagram acccount @medicatedmavens and we at Health For Life can attest to that. Last Wednesday, we were invited to participate in "Dope Downdog" their slightly faster paced, yet all levels Vinyasa class. 

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"The shared practice of cannabis brings us back to our roots, to a time where passing the peace pipe was an integral part of our daily lives."

This outdoor event was an unsponsored, donation based class held for AZ MMJ Card Holders and we were amazed by the professionalism and flow of the event. We had the opportunity to partake in a 15 minute social smoke in which the class got to know one another and take in the beautiful scenery of our Arizona skies. The instructors Erika and Sarina offered a very gentle, yet strengthening practice that engaged our bodies, minds, and spirits. After practicing breathing techniques, the instructors went around and offered a shoulder massage with CBD For Life's Lemongrass Rub to reduce muscle tension and inflammation. This was the perfect compliment after a very successful workout. 

I am no yogi by any stretch of the imagination, so naturally I was nervous about doing yoga with a group of people I have never met before. And that's where the beauty of the event shines most. Erika and Sarina have created an atmosphere not only of health, but of community. The shared practice of cannabis brings us back to our roots, to a time where passing the peace pipe was an integral part of our daily lives. This is no longer only a shift in consciousness, this is what one would call an "Awakening." 

Both in the pracitce of yoga and in consuming cannabis - we become more aware of our thoughts, our community, our health. Combine the two and you have Health for Life. 


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