Everyday Pricing

All flower at Health for Life is Pre-Packaged which offers you, our patients, a cleaner and well preserved product, and shorter wait times. We offer a variety of $35 Top Shelf 1/8ths, $25 Mid Shelf 1/8ths, and $10 1g Pre-Rolls. We also carry our in house award wining brand of concentrates in Melting Point Extracts along with a variety other vendors. 

pre packaged flower at H4L

Melting Point Extracts

mpx thca crystals

Cured Resin HCE, Cured Resin HTE

 $45 for a full gram

Live Resin HCE, Live Resin HTE

$55 for a full gram

thca by mpx
melting point extracts vape pen


$32 for 500mg

Cured Resin

$32 for a full gram

mpx cured resin